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About Us

From the Managing Editor

At Venus Blogs we are not afraid to say the word vagina.

In fact, we talk about vaginas all the time. Sometimes to answer questions of a gynecological or medical nature; other times to bring attention to social or political events that make the news. We can be very serious when we need to be as well as hilariously snarky. We like to laugh and definitely like to laugh at those who can’t say the word vagina without having a hissy fit. We like that the word vagina holds so much power; we don’t have any intention of demystifying it.

Here’s the thing: There are a lot of resources out there for women, but there is nothing else that brings together the topics of vaginal health, women’s rights, sexual awareness, intimate surgery and skincare. Ten minutes after Venus Blogs hit the blogosphere one visitor wrote, “I just read a few articles and love this site. Women need as much info about their bodies as they can get especially since the only owner’s manual any of us ever got was a pamphlet from 5th grade health class.”

Venus Blogs is kind of like the vagina owner’s manual. So study up ladies, because sooner or later you’re going to want to take her out for a spin.


About Dori

Dori Hartley is a native New Yorker, author, illustrator, actor and musician. Her work has been featured in in Psychology TodayThe Huffington PostMyDaily and SEED. Frequently opinionated, sometimes controversial, and always entertaining, Dori’s essays for AOL’s ParentDish Magazine have often been featured on the AOL Welcome Screen. Dori’s autobiographical essay, Rocky Horror ‘Glee’ Episode: a Time Warp for the Original Floor-Show Frank received over one million hits in a single day. Her first novel, “Angels and Echoes,” was published in 2011.

A true renaissance woman and self acknowledged creative compulsive, Dori started her writing career as a lyricist, penning tunes for Tears For FearsThe Goo Goo DollsCarlos SantanaDaphne Rubin Vega,Morcheeba and Patricia Kaas. Her lyrics inspired the writers of the HBO series, The Sopranos, to create an entire show revolving around her song, “Nobody Loves Me But You.”

Credited with originating the “floor show” role of Frank-n-Furter at the legendary Waverly Theater midnight showings of “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” in New York City, Dori was a seminal co-creator of the world-wide phenomenon of audience participation with the now cult classic movie.

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