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Oooh La La?

Gabrielle Vaughn | VenusBlogs Editor at Large
Photo: Courtesy of Co.Design

Is that a Fireman between my legs, or am I just happy to see me?

Jordan Kushins of Co.Design says why stop with a Fireman, when we can offer you a Frenchman, a Millionaire and a Tennis Coach as well?

What they are talking about is a new line of aesthetically stimulating vibrators created by a company called Smile Makers. According to Co.Design, their aim was to produce a set of excitingly different sex toys designed to suggest what they believe are the 4 Icons of Male Sexiness.

Of course, they assume much in that, A) not all women get off on the idea of a fireman, a Frenchman, a millionaire or a tennis coach, and B) not all women get off on male sexiness, let alone icons of it.

Assuming we can use our imaginations, let us pretend that these lovely, teasing, buzzing museum pieces of spectacular beauty are duel-gendered — the millionaire and the tennis coach? They’re chicks. OK. Now, we can proceed. Fair is fair, design team!

Says Co.Design:

Fantasies come in many forms. And while I’m sure yours and mine vary wildly, there are definitely some erotic archetypes that have emerged, and endured. Smile Makers is a new collection of vibrators that offer a playful take on pleasure: Each of the models–the Fireman, the Frenchman, the Tennis Coach, and the Millionaire–has an identity designed to titillate your brain, your funny bone, and, of course, your delicate bits.

Pretty, oui, but do you get “Frenchman” here? Co.Design goes on to explain:

Once the poster boys were picked, it was time to perfect the physical gadgets themselves. “Basically, there are three kinds of vibrators: those that stimulate on the outside, those that stimulate on the inside, and those that do both.” Go on . . . “We wanted to have one of each. Also, some women prefer soft, teasing vibrations and some prefer more powerful vibrations,” Hulting says. Ian Swanson and Achille Lenglemetz of NiCELTD came up with a series of gestural-yet-functional forms that were matched up with the four guys, while a top-notch consumer-electronics manufacturer handled the technical interiors and production. “Having worked on Braun and Gillette power razors before, they were well-experienced in designing products that vibrate comfortably and quietly, with utmost focus on safety,” Hulting says.

A large part of Smile Makers’ intention is to remove the stigma surrounding sex toys, preferring to instead position them alongside beauty products in the retail space. It seems like the time is right, and that society’s come a long way in the last 10 years; judging solely on the glut of designers getting in on the sex toy action–Yves Behar, Arik Levy, and more–and the amount of folks who are completely unashamed to read 50 Shades of Grey in public, there’s less reason than ever to feel weird about buying things that feel good.

I must admit, the designs are very beautiful. But interestingly enough, I don’t even get “male” when I look at them. They all look like smooth, pastel-colored flowers to me. Click here to check out the designs yourself.

Could you have an affair with one of these sexy boys?