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Trending Vagina

Adrian Lamb | VB Blogger

Don’t you dare accuse us of not bringing you top notch journalism and cutting edge resource material. Who else is going to gather together a round of tweets for you, based on the trending topics of Happy New Year and Vagina. So, here you go, you new residents of 2013. Welcome.

illuminati feels gets right to the point:

Whoever the girl in question is, methinks she may want to look into vaginal surgery! Says Nick:

Now, AaronDeane here really has our best interests at heart:

A natural poetess, this @DelusionlGirl is…

 Why do I feel no one cares? Says ‘lexia:

That’s right, you go, Philippines! You’ve got Mars Edding on your side!


And, at least we know we’re safe now, because…

Do we dare follow?

Happy New Year to all, from your friends at VenusBlogs.